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In praise of blue skies & train lines…

April 19, 2010

I’m rather enjoying the no-fly zone at the moment. The skies are blue, reports are flying in (excuse pun) of people under flight paths hearing birdsong for the first time and c’mon – how exciting would it be to end your holiday by coming home via the Arc Royal! Twitter seems to be proving helpful with the #getmehome hashtag getting hundreds of tweets.

There. Don't you feel more relaxed already?

There. Don't you feel more relaxed already?

That said, I understand it’s created havoc for thousands and wiped millions from balance sheets. So I’m not unsympathetic. In fact I’m excited by the possibilities. I’ve heard reports on twitter about bike-sharing so people can travel on no-foot-passenger ferries, seen sites like roadsharing become more popular, and I bet the ever-fabulous Seat61 has seen a serious increase in traffic.

But what are the alternatives. Well, when it comes to travel in Europe, I have to say I always hit the raileurope website. I love to travel by train whenever I can. You get a sense of distance, get to see the world change before your eyes and with high-speed links, it’s really not that difficult to get from one end of Europe to the other in a day or so. Yes, you have to give more time to the venture but as I said, for me the pay-off is a far more enjoyable experience.

Time for bed...

Time for bed...

I’m heading to Barcelona in May, I’ll be leaving Brighton around noon on Sunday travelling to London St Pancras where I’ll catch the Eurostar, arrive in Paris and then catch the evening train to Barcelona. Think about it. For around £200 RTN, I get a comfy room for the night each way, plus a dinner, breakfast and I get to arrive refreshed and ready to go in the heart of the city. Perfect. No muss, no fuss and hopefully, no chance of volcano-based disruptions either…


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