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My complete lack of volcano-based travel hell…

May 17, 2010

I’ll admit it… a core of pure smug has been running through me since Volcano-gate kicked off as I’d already organised overnight train tickets to Barcelona before it happened. Whenever I can, I travel by train through Europe and the recent no-fly-zone had only confirmed my feelings that if you can take a journey by any-means-other than a plane then yes, you should.

High-speed subsidised, nationalised rail links, fast and frequent ferry routes — if Europe had these networks and policies in place, then the effects of the ash cloud would have been dramatically reduced. A dizzying 45% of trips in European airspace are less than 500km in length – which means hundreds of thousands of people could have merrily travelled stress-free (and probably far more enjoyably) if we had a basic travel infrastructure which looked beyond planes.

Of course, that smug glow was given a severe biffing when Eurostar suffered delays after a carbon dioxide sensor incident. Fortunately though, as I write, we’re *just * leaving. The time from entering the terminal to sitting down less than 30 minutes. No muss, no fuss. I’ll get from the centre of London to the centre of Paris within a couple of hours.

Oh, and I’ve taken my first sip of champagne… Bon voyage!


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  1. Watch out for muggers on those night trains. I hear it’s becoming much more common. It’s also too bad that many train routes will probably decrease due to the fact far less people are riding them these days. Easyjet, Ryan Air, etc are just too cheap.


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